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Current Version


No major changes this month, we have fixed bugs and worked on some enhancements. 😇🪲

The first release of the Katala reporting suite, along with the ability to record time and costs against activities and projects.

🐣 New Features

  • Reporting Suite (Beta) – Custom report creation.
  • Time & Costs – Ability to record Time & Costs against activities and also set Budgets on Projects and record Project Costs.
  • New Guided Activity Logging Workflow
  • Add Attendees/Recipients to Activities (Beta) 
  • Activities Feed – New tab to view and filter all of your organisation’s activity from a high level.


  • Due Dates no longer required on activities.
  • “Append to” wording changed to “Share” on activities.
  • Activity Feeds order by updated (Beta)
  • Favourite Campaigns
  • Improved Support Form (Beta)