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Current Version


No major changes this month, we have fixed bugs and worked on some enhancements. 😇🪲

With this new update, we are battling to make everything quicker! This will be the first in a series of automation features coming soon! Alongside some quality of life features! ????

🐣 New Features

Automatic #tagging, and the best part, you don’t have to do anything new! Admins will set up keywords or phrases you would like to trigger and related tags will automatically be added to your activities – that’s it!

You’ll know about them too, as we have highlighted them in our snazzy new purple highlights colour! ????


New Email Notifications! ✉️????

  • Someone assigned you a task.
  • Someone completed a task you created or are assigned.
  • Someone updated an activity (or task) you created or are assigned.
  • Someone commented on an activity (or task) you created or are assigned.

Shortcuts for adding Contacts ⚡️

If the Contact you’re trying to add as attendee doesn’t exist, Katala will present a shortcut to allow you to add a Contact during the activity logging process.

We’ve also added the same thing anywhere you search for Organisations, Projects, Campaigns & Contacts!