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Current Version


No major changes this month, we have fixed bugs and worked on some enhancements. 😇🪲

A handful of improvements relating to the recently released employee start and end dates feature along with some minor bug fixing. ????


  • Improved functionality to how the employee start and end dates are displayed, hiding from lists when empty or not relevant. Only showing an employee in the main employees list if their position is current.
  • Enhanced formatting social profile URLs, resulting in less time tidying up URLs and selected the correct social platform. Katala tidies up the link and identifies the social platform from the URL.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • A couple of bug fixes relating to activity dates not displaying. A minor fix to an issue causing some activities date to change to “Today” if the activity date was blank prior to the default date picking feature in a recent release.
  • Updated filter icons to use a consistent icon.