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Current Version


No major changes this month, we have fixed bugs and worked on some enhancements. 😇🪲

We have been incredibly busy behind the scenes preparing this release, which is the last in the series of small updates to pave the way for some new and exciting features coming this year.


  • Reversed filters on dashboard to default to the user’s specific alerts, with the option to ‘show all’.
  • Improvements to highlight current employees over previous employees. Also streamlined the process for adding staff to organisations.
  • Campaign teams synchronised with their associated projects, to reduce manual management.
  • Removed ‘steps’ from activity creation to improve logging speed.
  • Automated URL formatting on resources to keep your folders tidy.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • Regression bug fixes due to complete angular package updates across the app.
  • A fix to an issue which was occasionally setting dates and times incorrectly.
  • Fixes to ordering, where some lists were not alphabetised.
  • Resolved issues with the password reset process.