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Current Version


No major changes this month, we have fixed bugs and worked on some enhancements. 😇🪲

New and Improved activity search functionality and filtering options, as well as general usability improvements.

🐣 New Features

  • “Clickable” tags and strategic aims, to view all related activity.
  • Ability to use the quick-search function to search for activities.
  • New ‘Weekly Update’, ‘My Activity’, and ‘My Collaborations’ views.


  • Refinements to the buttons on the ‘Warning’ modals and ‘Quick Create’ user interfaces.
  • Improvements to the filtering of multiple Collaborators, Organisations & Strategic Aims.
  • Improvements to the create sidebar ordering of fields and improvements to ensure folders are orders alphabetically.

🪲 Bug Fixes

  • A fix to enforce required fields for Networks.
  • A fix to an issue which required a user to refresh the screen for time and costs to update after adding.
  • A fix to an issue which was sometimes displaying and error code when creating new activities with time & costs.
  • A fix to an issue which was causing some time and cost totals to sum incorrectly if an activity had multiple outcomes.
  • A fix to an issue when prevented some activities from not showing as linked to task when viewed from the Task Feed.
  • A fix an issue which was excluding related task costs from total activity cost.
  • A fix to an issue which was sometimes preventing user icons from displaying on activity cards.
  • A fix to the login page display for firefox users.
  • A fix to an issue which was sometimes preventing the plus icons from being clickable.
  • A fix to an issue which was preventing the warning modal from being displayed if the user leaves the activity creation to open the user sidebar.
  • A fix to the collaborator filter query which was sometimes displaying inaccurate results for subscribers pre-release of v1.3.0.