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How Katala Software Can Help Your Team During Lockdown #3

Written by Jolanda Konarska

Katala software not only allows you to store all your files and documents in one central location, it is also accessible from anywhere. Read our blog to find out more!

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After Christmas, the Government announced that a third nationwide lockdown would take place from the 26th December. As a Non-profit, it’s absolutely vital that you and your teams continue to maintain your service delivery during these challenging times for the benefit of all your key stakeholders.

Working from home has its benefits but it can also pose new challenges. It is here where Katala software can make a big difference saving you time, increasing your effectiveness, and quite simply making your work-life a lot easier!

Your data is all in one place

If you are like many Non-profits you probably use numerous spreadsheets and files, which you may often struggle to access when you and your colleagues are not in the office. For instance, on occasions, you may have found yourself having to ask a team member to email you a file or information vital to complete an outcome. This (even in the world of mobile phones and emails) can cause delays. It is for this reason why maybe it’s time you changed to Katala, as this tool lets you access files whilst on the go, both quickly and effectively.

Katala software allows you to store all your files and documents in one place, which means you do not have to rely on your network system.

You and your team will then have around the clock access to your most important files wherever they are working, giving them peace of mind and reassurance that all the information they need is only a click away.

No more duplicates

Sending files to your colleagues when they are away from your offices’ network can also result in duplicated or even corrupt files. Not only is this a privacy risk, but updating your work with a newer copy can be time-consuming and before you know it, you can be swimming in duplicate files! This can happen too easily, as we know with the Government’s Covid-19 Excel sheet blunder.

Using Katala software, takes away this problem, as you can access, edit, and save all your files in one place. Your colleagues will also be able to update important files without the need to replace existing documents.

Stay up to date with your team

A great feature of Katala software is the ability to track the time and cost of all your team’s activity. Katala software can show you where your team’s resources are being used and how this impacts your key business priorities over time. The benefit of such software is colleagues have ongoing visibility of team performance which negates the need for long drawn out Zoom conference calls.

Another great advantage is that all Stakeholder communications are recorded on Katala software so there is no need to ask your colleague when someone was last contacted.

Consequently, future colleague Zoom calls become about more exciting topics: about how we can improve and make more of a difference. You know, the exciting part of the job!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog!

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