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Katala and Surviving Economic Abuse: #SEAsteps Campaign

Written by Jolanda Konarska

Read our blog to see how Katala partnered with 'SEA' to help raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it.

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At Katala, we’re all about software and harnessing its power to help organisations to achieve their mission.

With our recent CRM Software, ‘Katala’, making waves in the Non-profit community, we wanted to continue our mission to help Non-profits make an impact.

The Cause​

We recently partnered with ‘SEA’ (Surviving Economic Abuse), a charity whose mission is to raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it. Their mission is to live in a world in which women and girls achieve economic equality and can live their lives free of abuse and exploitation. 

To help raise awareness of their cause, SEA have launched their ‘20 million #SEAsteps’ campaign. A campaign where any member of the public can make a donation to join in and to contribute their steps. The goal is to walk 20 million steps between November 2020 and March 2021, as for this is the number of steps it would take to walk from the UK to Australia, where the seed of SEA was first planted.

To help launch a campaign like this, a specially designed platform was required to help SEA not only collect donations but to keep participants updated with their own progress and the overall step count. This is where the team behind Katala came in. We’ve been working hard ever since to provide a fully functioning platform that SEA can use to keep members updated with relevant information and the fundraising total.

We can’t wait to see the progress of SEA’s #SEAsteps campaign. To find out more information and to make a donation or get involved, click here.

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