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What is CRM?

Written by Jolanda Konarska

Katala is CRM software designed specifically for charities and non-profit organisations with the ability to measure impact and engagement. Find out more in our blog!

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What is CRM software?

When people talk about CRM, they may be referring to software systems. CRM software helps an organisation to manage and maintain their customer base, which may be multiple types of individuals from clients, individuals, suppliers, service users, vendors and much more. CRM software is designed to store all records of customer contact information along with details such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and communications between both the customer and the organisation. Data preferences can also be stored ensuring that the organisation complies with GDPR.

CRM software makes the process of managing all of the above information more simple and straightforward.

Why is CRM software important?

Using CRM software brings numerous benefits to an organisation, and it’s never too late to change!

  • Using CRM software will help greatly with the organisation of your data as it is all in one place. You can also choose who has access to the different types of data on the CRM software, making it easier to store and share information and resources for meetings and catch-ups.
  • CRM helps with the understanding of your stakeholders which can give you a competitive advantage which is great if you are trying to increase your brand awareness or the size of your network.
  • CRM software allows you to communicate with your stakeholders and customers more efficiently and effectively. This will save a lot of time, energy and money which can then be allocated elsewhere.

CRM Software for non-profits and charities

When working for a non-profit organisation, a standard ‘off the shelf’ CRM software simply won’t do. Charities and non-profit organisations have different strategic aims and goals compared to standard businesses who measure their goals by revenue and profit. We understand that nonprofits need to measure their impact and engagement which is why we have designed CRM software which will allow such organisations to do so.

Why you and your organisation will benefit from switching to Katala

  • Everyone is on the same page: All users can see real-time information which acts as a running commentary for the organisation. Meetings become a place of forward thinking and planning rather than updating each other of the work that has been completed.
  • Strategy: All good campaigns start with a strategy, however trying to identify and understand how the work that is being done relates back to this is a challenge many nonprofits face. Katala will be your guide when it comes to analysing your impact over time and identifying cost-effective approaches for future projects.
  • Centralised Information: Having all of your organisations data stored in one place with access available through any device means your team can maintain efficiency and communication whether working from home or out of the office.

What do our users say about Katala?

Katala is the most useful tool for obtaining information from the team, it makes it so easy to see who has been doing what tasks within their projects and work areas – and links to the interests of our network of stakeholders.

Freya Hall – Administration and Support Officer

It’s been particularly useful when many of us are working on the This Girl Can project, and other projects that share strategy and demographic. Katala allows us to check project updates all in one place and highlights work other teams are doing which links back to This Girl Can.

Oliver Ambrose – Assistant Coordinator

I’ve always used the engagement status alerts, even before working from home. It’s important for us to be able to review contact engagement and is probably more important now to keep in contact with key partners in the current climate. We have been increasing contact frequency across our network so that we can support them to get through the crisis, Katala reminds me when I need to touch base.

Susannah Challis – Workforce Development Officer

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