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Introducing Katala.

Written by Sean Naylor

In the coming weeks, you’ll notice “Mantle” is getting a makeover and will now be known as Katala. We’re still powered by Hut Forty Two, but with more clarity, vision, and a brand that represents the future.

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What’s changing?

We’ve updated our logo, colours, fonts and app icon. We have redesigned our website and improved access to support and documentation for our subscribers.

Initially, users will only notice the look and feel of the application, but it’s the starting point of an evolution of Katala as we endeavour to make our mark as a ‘must-have’ software tool for nonprofit organisations.

We have been working closely with our customers since we launched, and have been continually publishing small iterations to help you get the most from the existing features. Our plans for the remainder of 2021 involve releasing exciting new features (watch this space!).

We’ve come a long way since the very first version, released only 18 months ago. Working in partnership with our subscribers, we have a great understanding about the direction of Katala, a better understanding of our position in the marketplace and what nonprofits need from software.

We’re more determined than ever on delivering a solution which really makes a difference.

Why we’ve changed

As we’ve grown, the brand has started to feel disjointed and lost its identity.

In truth, we were never really settled on Mantle. We want to represent the future and our ambition to build something to really make a difference to way nonprofits use software to aid their missions.

Many of you will know, Katala began life as a “wish list” for a bespoke CRM to fit the needs of Active Suffolk. Over the past 18 months, we have learnt about how operations vary between different types of nonprofit organisations, but also where requirements are shared and what’s important to the sector. Through our engagement in online nonprofit communities, we have a great understanding about where traditional CRM systems fail for nonprofits.

The brand is a big step forward for us, as we start to bring a more refined and modern feel to the application; one which represents both our customers and the future of Katala.

If you have any questions, or feedback. Please feel free to contact us, we’re more committed than ever to making the voices of our subscribers heard. This will always be the driving force for the work we do.

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