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The homescreen in Katala is where you will find your home feed, upcoming meeting and events, overdue contacts, and latest updates.

To view, simply click on the Logo in the Navigation bar at the top of the page.

Example Homescreen


  1. The Navigation Bar is displayed at the top of the pages in Katala and provides access to commonly used pages.
  2. The Home Feed displays the activities, and associated follow-up tasks that have been logged in Katala. The search and filter options will take you to the Activities page where you can enter your search term and also use the advanced filters.
  3. This pane displays the feeds for your Meeting and Events, Overdue Contacts, and Updates.

For more details on the homescreen see our User Guides.

Try our in-app user guides for faster onboarding.

Launching User Guide
  1. Click your user icon.
  2. In the side pane, click User Guides.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Become a Jedi Master.