Inactivity Warning

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When logged into Katala an inactivity warning prompt is displayed when there has been no activity for 60 minutes.

If you do not respond to the prompt your session will expire and you will be logged out automatically.

Inactivity Warning
Inactivity Warning

Remain Logged In

  1. To remain logged into Katala click on Stay Logged In.
  2. The inactivity warning prompt closes, and no further action is required.

Log Out

  1. To log out simply click on Logout.
  2. You will be logged out of Katala, and the login page will be displayed.

For more information on using Katala see our User Guides.

Try our in-app user guides for faster onboarding.

Launching User Guide
  1. Click your user icon.
  2. In the side pane, click User Guides.
  3. Select a topic.
  4. Become a Jedi Master.