Overdue Contacts Feed

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The contact frequency is set on the contact’s page and monitors the length of time between the most recent activity shared directly with the contact (1) and TODAY’S date (2).

Engagement StatusDescription
Up to DateThe time period between (1) and (2) is within the set contact frequency
OverdueThe time period between (1) and (2) has exceeded the set contact frequency
Never ContactedContact frequency has been set but an activity has not been shared directly with the contact
Contact frequency has not been set
Contacts Engagement Statuses
Engagement statuses on the main Contact page

Overdue Contacts Feed

Contacts are displayed in in the Overdue Contacts feed on the homescreen where the contact frequency has been exceeded.

See our User Guides for more information on the Overdue Contacts feed on the homescreen.

Overdue Contacts Feed on Dashboard
Overdue Contacts Feed on the Homescreen

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