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What is a tag?

Tags allow you to give additional context to the data you add to Katala. They also help you to group similar interactions or categorise your contacts and projects.

What is a tag category?

Administrators can group similar tags together into a category. This allows you to apply filters such as “all audiences” etc.

What tag categories can I use?

The tagging framework is completely customisable, therefore your organisation can create tag categories and values based on what’s important for your organisation to track.

Common examples of tag categories are Audience, Locality, Theme or Area of Focus.

How can I add tags to activities?

You can add tags quickly by using the ‘#’ symbol in the activity title or description or via the tags section on the sidebar.

Click your user icon to access the User Guides > Activities > Create an Activity.

Why do some tags get added automatically?

Your application administrators can add keywords and phrases to your account which will trigger a tag to be added when identified in a title, description or comment.

These will appear bright blue, and can be removed manually if necessary.

Tag Added Automatically
Tag Added Automatically

How can I add tags to Contacts/ Organisations/ Projects?

If you are creating a new item, you can add tags during the creation process.

If they already exist, go to the contact, organisation or project you would like to add tags to. In the details pane on the left side there is a section called tags. Click the three dots to edit, and add tags from here.

Tags Section in the Details Pane
Tags Section in the Details Pane.

Why should I use tags?

Adding tags to your data will help you to target specific sets of data when searching for information or creating reports.

For example, in addition to searching for interactions “with Acme Ltd”. You can search for interaction “with Acme Ltd”, “in North Norfolk” and involving “Children & Young People”

Or query the data using a report widget to find “Organisations we interact with the most”, “in West Norfolk” relating to “Tackling Inequalities”. Instead of simply reporting “Organisations we interact with the most”.

See our User Guides for interactive steps.

Try our in-app user guides for faster onboarding.

Launching User Guide
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  2. In the side pane, click User Guides.
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